The jogajoga® world CEO Business Breakfast Forums in association with Fast Company magazine, meet twice annually. These forums are geared towards safeguarding the economic future of South Africa, by promoting collaboration between established business leaders and tomorrow’s trailblazers to form a cohesive business ecosystem that can drive South Africa forward to long-term prosperity.

The forums are set in a relaxed atmosphere conducive to identifying and debating the common issues that affect the growth of business. Outcomes include mechanisms that can be put into practice to assist small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow. Attending these Breakfasts are CEOs from South Africa’s leading corporations who are encouraged to pay for and bring an entrepreneur to breakfast. This is business mentoring with a difference, as it is hoped that CEOs will adopt their chosen entrepreneur, have them shadow and learn throughout the year, reporting back at the second breakfast session.

At each breakfast, a leading business light, will share insights and inspiration with the assembled audience.

The jogajoga® world CEO Business Breakfast Forums will also identify one outstanding entrepreneur per annum and with the funds raised from the breakfasts, pay for the entrepreneur to attend a leading centre for entrepreneurship in order to develop their skills.