Having multiple streams of income from your business can help boost your profits and cushion against losses during slow seasons. Here are several ways you may be able to add additional income streams to your business.

Diversifying your income streams is vitally important, especially in this unstable economy and the   unpredictable downturns in markets. You can decide how you want to produce the income. Either you ‘do something’ to generate the income, this is active income such as providing a service, or the income is generated without you having to ‘do anything,’ this is passive income such as rental income. Just make sure you do not place all your eggs in one basket.

Multiple streams of income don’t necessarily mean getting a second job to supplement your current income. A second job does not provide you with the flexibility and freedom to increase your income. You are trading time for money and in the long run, you will lose. Create something that will allow you to give yourself a pay raise when you need and want it.

When evaluating and researching ways to produce income, take the following into consideration:

  • Investment — It should require minimal investment.
  • Sustainable— Ultimately it should be something that generates income, without you.
  • Scalable— It produces substantial amounts of income.
  • Flexibility— You get to call the shots.

Below are just a few ideas that could help you generate multiple streams of income.

     Sell an e-book

If publishing a book the traditional way is a long shot, then consider an e-book. An e-book is simple, many people publish them for free, but many sell them as well on Amazon.

    Affiliate marketing

If you have a blog or other type of website, you can build affiliate links to different services on the website.

    Teach a class

If you have excellent skills or knowledge, then consider teaching at a university or college, make a series of seminars or create your own classes at your business.

     Start a blog

It may take a while for a blog to earn any money, as with any business, but with consistency and commitment, it will eventually pay off.

       Create a membership website

If you can create valuable content, there will be people willing to pay a monthly fee for membership.      

      Producing additional income is the foundation to building wealth. While earning extra income does take work, the ROI can be enormous and pay off for years to come.

Did we miss out on any other ideas? Tell us below, what your income stream ideas are.